Bonus Episode 19: We talk with director, producer, writer Harley Cokeliss (BATTLETRUCK, BLACK MOON RISING)

Episode 59,  Sep 03, 2021, 09:03 PM

We talk with Harley Cokeliss about his films including BATTLETRUCK, BLACK MOON RISING, MALONE, DREAM DEMON and more.

We talk with director, writer, and producer, Harley Cokeliss, about his work on two New World Pictures films - BATTLETRUCK and BLACK MOON RISING.  We also talk with him about his work on EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, what it was like to work with Burt Reynolds on MALONE, and his journey to find the lost print of his horror film, DREAM DEMON.  Unfortunately, we forgot to pitch STEAMIN' while talking with Harley.  Another missed opportunity.