The demand for materials during COVID-19

Episode 4,  Sep 06, 2021, 10:30 AM

Recent data indicates the construction sector is growing at its fastest rate for seven years which is great news.

This is translating into more demand for materials and labour but there is a fly in the ointment. The increasing demand comes at a time when there are additional pressures on the supply chain. 

COVID restrictions are still hampering the movement of materials, goods, and people around the world. Localised staff shortages when people have to quarantine is adding to the problem. 

And then there is the Brexit deal. The impact it is having on the cross-border movement of goods and hiring of staff is becoming a reality. 

What this means at a ground level is shortages, increasing prices and delays.  

Delays across international supply chains are adding to the problem, and the skills shortage, which was prevalent before the pandemic, is getting worse as the movement of people is still restricted.

How will this shake out in the next 12 months? There are many variables to consider, and careful project planning will be key for the industry.

Join Rennie Dalrymple, Managing Director at Concert, as he talks all things labour and materials in the latest episode of Concert’s podcast series ‘Sound Check.’