Hillbilly Deadtime Stories Ep 40 Ash Manor

Sep 08, 10:00 AM

We have all seen the horror movies that start out with a family getting a great deal on a house because it was haunted or a tragedy had occurred within its walls That’s exactly how the Lutz’s were able to buy what they thought was their dream home in Amityville, NY in the 1970s. The Keels had a similar experience 40 yrs earlier in Sussex, England The previous owner of Ash Manor was so eager to sell that he let Mr. Keel buy it for far less than it was worth Mr. Keel felt that the exceptional deal on the house was the result of more earthly issues, such as a leaky roof or bad plumbing After all, he did not believe in ghosts…at least not yet..

Introduction voice over by Leebo Jakes from Lexington Paranormal Research Society 
Narrated by Jerry Paulley 
Written by: Jerry Paulley 
Closing song: Kid Riot