Biologic Breakthroughs for Severe Asthma with Dr. Mario Castro

Sep 08, 2021, 09:50 AM

Dr. Castro and Dr. Rizzo discuss the evolving world of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of severe asthma. Plus, the ALA team discusses September's annual Asthma Peak Week, and what it means for reopening schools.

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Episode highlights
  • 0:15 Back to school with Asthma Peak Week
  • 9:48 Biologics: the emerging severe asthma treatment field
  • 11:34 Defining type 2 inflammation and severe asthma
  • 15:47 Severe asthma biomarkers
  • 21:23 IL-4, IL-13, TSLP: Promising pathways
  • 25:49 Severe asthma diagnostic clues
  • 28:34 Asthma biologic decision-making
  • 35:31 How long-term is a biologic therapy?
  • 37:44 The future of asthma-modifying therapy
  • 41:09 Understanding asthmatic COVID-19 risk
  • 44:57 Outro