Wednesday, September 8: Tribe School Stories; Did CT Invent The Fish Sandwich?; Dumb Ass News

Sep 08, 02:55 PM

The school year is brand new, but already there are stories of teachers duct-taping masks to 9-year-old students. Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to call in the craziest things they remember teachers doing from when they were in school. (0:00)

The teacher stories continued in news, with audio from a Las Vegas report about the parent that is furious with the substitute teacher for using duct tape to keep a mask on her 9-year-old's face. (4:44)

Connecticut is laying claim to inventing the fish sandwich. Anthony D'Amato was on the phone to share how his grandfather is the first known person to put fried fish on toast. back in 1933. (21:45)

Liberty DeVitto, long-time drummer with Billy Joel called in this morning to talk about the live album they recorded in 1980, which included a performance from Toad's Place. Liberty shared stories (with Sesame Street playing in the background,) and talked about the show he's doing in Orange with the Lords of 52nd Street this Saturday. (33:57)

Dumb Ass News - An elderly patient was delivered to the wrong house, after leaving hospice care. The entire, awkward conversation was caught on a security camera. (46:00)

Image Credit: Fudio / iStock / Getty Images Plus