The Power in Paying It Forward - An Interview w/ Linda McQueen

Episode 25,   Sep 03, 2021, 01:00 AM

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Linda McQueen discusses her experience as a flight attendant and being severely burned on the job. She also describes the "out of body" experience she had that encouraged her to start her foundation and the fight she had trying to get back to work with her scars.

Linda McQueen, founder and chief executive officer of the Heartburn (fire) foundation. A Georgia based non-profit organization, 501c3, whose mission is to support needy families who have been burned out of their residence, and do not have insurance. We are a recovery organization providing direct assistance to burn and fire survivors in need of food, clothing, temporary shelter, rehabilitative counseling, and relocation services.
On June 10, 1972 my life totally changed. At the age of 22, I was burned beyond recognition; I feared I would never be the same again to experience life, as I knew it. It took a total of five years for my total healing. I knew I had to do something to thank God for his healing so I started the foundation to help others who had been burned, or in a fire.
Their mission at the Heart-Burn foundation is to address these needs as we assist families with their recovery. She has been featured on T.B.N. Christian stations Celebrate Life, taking a break with Joni Lamb, Josyln Dorsey, Channel 2, Fox 5, Clayton County News Daily, V103 People station with Wanda Smith.



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