Wednesday September 15, 2021: Unhealthy Obsession; Got Stuck on a Ride; Wellness Wednesday

Sep 15, 01:56 PM

What’s the best Halloween candy to give out?  One salad dressing company has decided to start selling Halloween sized packets of their products, and Anna thinks they may be able to compete!  (:30)

Everyone has to pay bills, but what if those monthly mandatory payments could be making you money?  Juan Ruez is an expert on credit cards and he has some tips on how you can earn money by spending money!  (2:52)

There’s a time and a place for everything, but if you choose to play video games while your pregnant wife is in labor, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:42)

Animal attacks are an infrequent but tragic cause of death in the U.S., but Anna was shocked to find out what seemingly harmless animal kills over 20 people a year!  (9:44)

There have been multiple stories online about the health benefits of sniffing onions, but those have yet to be proven.  However, the National Onion Association (that’s a real thing), have an unconventional method of using onions to improve your health!  (13:44)

Have you ever been stuck on an amusement park ride?  Raven and his wife got stuck on a Harry potter ride at Universal, but the worst part of the experience were the cryptic questions that an 8 year old seated next to them kept asking!  (17:29)

What are you unnaturally obsessed with?  Raven saw someone on vacation who was so obsessed with Disney that they broke multiple laws just to cut the lines at the rides!  (28:47)

Christina and Kevin need a new mattress, and Kevin’s parents have graciously offered them their old one!  Kevin thinks this is a great way to save money, but Christina thinks its kind of gross.  Whose side are you on?  (36:15)

Michael thinks he’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can he succeed and win the $1600 jackpot?  (45:15)