Episode #34 - Goodbye Horses

Feb 03, 09:19 AM

Season 2 of Not About The Weather is here! There's a new Presidential Administration and we feel like it's finally safe to come out of our holes. We explain the reason for our longer hiatus and attempt to get back into the swing of things.

On the agenda today: it's trashy romance novel time for Brittany in both her hype and her gripe, Natalie takes issue with the lack of brand-new stories finding their place on television but hypocritically has plenty of praise for a new show that's tied very heavily to some hugely prominent intellectual property, and Karen simply has too many books, as well as too many feelings about Mortal Kombat. Classic Karen.

Before we get into our hypes and gripes, we interview our very own published author Karen Rought, about her Cassie Quinn series, co-authored with L.T. Ryan. Book #2, Whisper of Bones, is out now!

Content Warning: Part of this episode involves discussion of the act of sexual assault that takes place in Bridgerton season 1 episode 6. The discussion begins at around 59 min and finishes at around 1 hr 15min. Feel free to skip it if needed.

Each episode, our Not About The Weather hosts and their guests will bring an obsession to share and a grievance to air from the their experiences in the world of pop culture, fandom, or sometimes, just plain old life.

#ANA - Ask NATW Anything: "What is your favorite piece of media you're glad they haven't adapted?"

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This episode’s hosts are:  Brittany Lovely, Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.


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