Episode #14 - Quote Unquote Woke

Mar 22, 2017, 12:18 PM

If all superhero films turn out like Logan, Brittany will be single-handedly funding the entire genre, but if all live-action Disney films turn out like Beauty and the Beast, she will be burning the studio to the ground. Movies aside, the rest of this episode is a veritable deluge of CW commentary. Ariana arrives armed with a spreadsheet to explain her hype and gripe as a singular issue, Jane the Virgin's Raf vs Michael debate* - is it an example of white mediocrity surpassing brown excellence? And after several mentions in passing in recent weeks, Donya finally lets loose about Riverdale's (lack of) asexual representation, but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has helped her become less anxious about starting new shows. 

*We're never a spoiler-free show, but please note discussion of MAJOR spoilers for the current season of Jane the Virgin, commencing at 40:40.

#ANA - Ask NATW Anything: "I am in a long distance relationship and the only real part of the relationship is sexting... How do I tell the boy that that does not a relationship make and it legit means nothing to me?"

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This episode’s hosts are: Brittany Lovely, Ariana Quiñónez and Donya Abramo. Features a cameo from a surprise dad in the background.


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