Episode #11 - No One Likes Denise

Feb 06, 2017, 08:38 AM

Where the hell is Darren Criss? The rest of the team chimes in with their ultimate obsessions to share and grievances to air from the horrorshow that was 2016. Tragic TV cancellations - some more prominent than others - are on the gripe menu, as is the seriously problematic way that some YA creators handle requests for diversity. However, a lot of family films like Zootopia and Pete's Dragon served up some super-woke meaningful content that we can all enjoy, and we're alive on Planet Earth at the same time as Lin-Manuel Miranda. Who do we want to bring to tears in 2017? This episode is part two of our 2016 year in review special - hear about 2016 from the rest of our hosts on episode 10!

#ANA - Ask NATW Anything: "Who is your favorite Ariana? Grande, Dumbledore, or the original?“

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This episode’s hosts are: Brittany Lovely, Kristen Kranz, Ariana Quiñónez, and Natalie Fisher


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