Episode #9 - Not Even Humble Brag

Jan 16, 2017, 11:40 PM

Featuring old college pals Timothy Omundson and Richard Speight Jr. - separately, not together, unfortunately. We ain't that fancy. Also, we promise the title comes from one of our guests and does not reflect our own sentiments.

Along with our main chat about creating Kings of Con and directing Supernatural, Rich draws back the curtain on the reality of conventions as a business and what makes a con guest succeed or flop, and also delves a little deeper about his character Gabriel and the canon of Supernatural's angels in general. 

Tim joined us at Oz Comic-Con 2016 where we discussed transferring Galavant from screen to stage, the entire messy world of television ratings, cancellations and planned series endings (Psych, Supernatural...) and the fact that his eagerness has caused a certain Hamilton cast member to take out some extra insurance against sabotage. 

For context, we've bracket these live-recorded interviews with our own discussion of the craft of interviewing at conventions and some of our best and worst personal experiences. You can skip to 17:08 for Richard's interview and 1:02:17 for Timothy's. The Richard Speight recording really showcases just how much great content gets lost when turning a lengthy interview into a short feature article and our as-yet-unreleased Timothy Omundson content is a great example of how non-time-sensitive interviews sometimes get put on the backburner and don't get the time in the sun they deserve.

Each episode, our Not About The Weather hosts and their guests will bring an obsession to share and a grievance to air from the their experiences in the world of pop culture, fandom, or sometimes, just plain old life.

#ANA - Ask NATW Anything: "What's your favorite kind of interview? Like in person one on one, roundtables, written responses, on the phone, panel Q&A, etc..."

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This episode’s hosts are: Natalie Fisher and Donya Abramo.

This episode features pre-recorded interviews with: Richard Speight, Jr. and Timothy Omundson.


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