Bao Turns Johnny Out And He’s Still Not Satisfied!!! | Married At First Sight Season 13 Episode 9 Recap

Season 2,  Sep 16, 2021, 03:52 AM

Another couple consummated their marriage and things get better for THREE days… Zack and Ryan are checked out of their respective relationships.  The more Gil talks, the more we drift to Myrla’s side.  Grab a drink and check out Yonni and Terryl’s Married At First Sight Season 13 Episode 9 recap!

1:52 Ryan & Brett
4:05 Jose & Rachel
9:52 Gil & Myrla
14:40 Johnny & Bao
20:08 Zack & Michaela

Ever been somewhere and overheard two guys having a crazy conversation over random topics? Well we are those guys and we have been having these conversations since college. Do we agree on everything? Hell no, but we have fun anyway. We talk sports, politics, pop culture, and other bs. Pour yourself a drink and listen in. 

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