Thursday, September 16: The Hamster That Works In Bristol; Too Soon For Halloween Costumes; Chaz And AJ Take A State Trooper Quiz

Sep 16, 2021, 04:57 PM

The newest public works employee in Bristol, is a hamster named Gizmo. Lindsey was on with Chaz and AJ to explain how Gizmo wound up in the office, and then AJ describes the best way to determine whether your hamster is male or female. (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - It is too early to be walking around in public in Halloween costumes. A man in Texas, who definitely should have known better, learned this the hard way when he was arrested on a beach in Galveston. (10:52)

Nick the science guy was on to address a recent scientific discovery that might prove penguins are actually aliens from Venus. (15:01)

The Connecticut State Police are looking to hire! Sergeant Christine Jeltema and Trooper First Class Troy Biggs were in to give some sample questions to Chaz and AJ, to see how far into the process they would last. (28:12)

Image Credit: Yajie Wang-Campagne / iStock / Getty Images Plus