The Black Bears Feast along Lake Tahoe. Jeff Bliss #PacificWatch @JCBlisswNews

Sep 18, 12:02 AM

Photo: American black bear (Ursus Americanus)

The Black Bears Feast along Lake Tahoe.  Jeff Bliss #PacificWatch @JCBlisswNews
As people fled the Tahoe region to escape an approaching wildfire, the last thing many did was pull their trash bins out to the curb. But the trash collectors left too. So the bears pigged out, ransacking not only the garbage cans but breaking into dozens of homes. “Bears are just having a heyday of it. It’s just a nightmare,” said John Tillman, owner of South Tahoe Refuse. “There’s so much garbage on the street because of the bears. Oh my God, they are making a mess.” S.F. Chronicle |