A Bigger Table (Kitchens #6)

Season 4, Episode 6,  Sep 20, 2021, 03:00 AM

How can the practice of eating together secure a sustainable future for our kitchens?

In the final episode of the series, Joanne MacInnes and Betul Piyade from the community centre West London Welcome describe what it's like for refugees and asylum seekers to live indefinitely in hotel rooms without kitchens. And academic and "food crisis responder" Marsha Smith explains why social eating is so important for us as a society, and explains how it's the key to future proofing our eating habits.

Lecker is written and produced by Lucy Dearlove

Thanks to my contributors on this episode Betul Piyade and Joanne MacInnes at West London Welcome, and Marsha Smith.

West London Welcome is an amazing place. This interview was recorded a few months ago, before the crisis in Afghanistan, and the centre is now working to support newly arrived Afghan refugees, as well as their existing members. You can donate to support their work via LocalGiving here.

The transcript of the episode is here.

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Original music was composed for the series by Jeremy Warmsley, with additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

Research and production assistance from Nadia Mehdi.

Editorial feedback by Rory Dearlove
Cover collage by Stephanie Hartman

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