Captain Crunch Blanket

Sep 19, 10:05 PM

The Chitshow Podcast #89 - "Captain Crunch Blanket"

We managed to keep it shorter for once! In episode 89, we talk about Fat Joe's controversial Verzuz comments (15:04), Lil Nas X's awesome Montero marketing (29:00), say RIP{ to Norm McDonald (46:58), CA Recall/A.V. Fair (52:12), A$AP Rocky's captain crunch fashion/Met Gala (1:05:05), the Hawkeye trailer (1:08:38), Y The Last Man (1:12:48), the Fear State comic [Batman] (1:22:16), Danny talks streaming/Bloodhunt/Celeste games (1:30:23), and more! We also talk/feature music (34:36) from ZillaKami, Thrice, and Lil Nas X. Our intro/outro music is "You're So Last Summer" by Taking Back Sunday

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