The rocky road ahead for the Biden Agenda in the contentious majority in Congress. @ThadMcCotter @theamgreatness @TheAmGreatness

Sep 20, 12:54 AM

Photo:   Congressonal contention: Congresswoman Alice Mary Robertson was colorful, quotable, conservative, and hostile to the women’s suffrage movement and its many leaders. Robertson’s single term in the House hinged on her rejection of a significant piece of legislation—a proposed World War I Veterans Bonus Bill.*


The rocky road ahead for the Biden Agenda in the contentious  majority in Congress. @ThadMcCotter @theamgreatness @TheAmGreatness
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*Robertson’s missionary work put her within a network of reformers during the early Progressive Era and opened the door to a career in politics. In 1891 she earned the admiration of rising GOP politician Theodore Roosevelt, who later described her as “one of the great women of America.” In 1905 then-President Roosevelt appointed Robertson the postmaster of Muskogee, Oklahoma, where she served until 1913. In addition to her patronage job, Robertson operated a 50-acre dairy farm with an on-site café, which she named “Sawokla,” based on a Native-American word meaning “gathering place.” Both the farm and the café became a social magnet, drawing politicians, former students, journalists, and local folk. During World War I, she endeared herself to many servicemen by distributing food to soldiers in transit through the local train station.