Monday, September 20: OnlyFans Superstar Allie Rae; Rules For James Bond Movies; AJ Quotes

Sep 20, 2021, 04:42 PM

Dumb Ass News - This is probably the worst thing to find in your food. (0:00)

Chaz and AJ invited OnlyFans superstar Allie Rae back on to talk about some of the stranger requests she's received from her followers. One person has been asking for a video of her taking a shower while fully clothed, another has a sneezing fetish, and someone actually offered big money for her teeth, if he could personally remove them. (6:06)

Daniel Craig has filmed his last James Bond movie. Chaz and AJ had a short clip of him addressing the crew, and then made a short checklist of things that have to happen in any Bond movie. (29:27)

Dumb Ass News - For months, Ashley has been keeping track of AJ "t-shirt quotes." She shared some this morning, and AJ tried to remember what he was talking about when he said it. (39:29)

Image Credit: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor/Files/File Photo