George Sadler - CEO and Co-Founder of Platinum Vapes

Sep 21, 03:50 AM
Platinum is a multi-state cannabis operator spearheaded by father and son team George and Cody Sadler. Since their 215 days in California’s medical market, Platinum has transitioned into a powerhouse brand with offerings across the industry spectrum.
We sat down with George, CEO and Co-Founder, to discuss everything Platinum from how he has taken the brand from the legacy days to a real CPG contender and why diversifying your brand is the key to success.
All this and more in this week’s Conversations in Cannabis.
01:00 - What was the largest transitional point for you as an operator?
09:23 – When did you and your son decide to co-found a company in cannabis together?
12:50 – How did you overcome your largest hurdle in this industry?
11:40 - What was the drive to move away from the traditional naming system for strains?
15:20 – Are you hopeful for legislative reform for banking in cannabis?
00:00 - What is your hope as an operator for federal banking reform?
24:10 - Are there any markets right now that you would like to move into?
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