Sep 25, 02:27 PM

We're taking the next 2 weeks off to prepare for the live Stanley Hotel event, so we're going to bring you TWO of our conspiracy theory episodes! This week is all about Mothman! A small little town in Point Pleasant, WV was put on the map with a number of sightings of the purported "Mothman". A humanoid figure with a 10 foot wingspan, and glowing red eyes scared the bejesus out of people in the late 1960s. Also known as a disaster warning, could he have predicted the Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant in 1967? Laura breaks it all down for us in this episode, and we'll let you you decide! Is Mothman real? Is he a harbinger of doom? Is he a giant crane? What is known is that he is certainly a money maker for this charming little town in West Virginia.