E129 - Target England

Sep 27, 06:00 AM

September 2021 

After Britain’s failure at Dunkirk and the Fall of France, the Germans seemed unstoppable. An invasion of Britain by Germany seemed the next logical step.

In 1940, Britain and Bletchley Park prepared for war on the Home Front. As the German air campaign brought air combat with the Battle of Britain and bombs by night during the Blitz, the RAF - supported by intelligence from Bletchley Park - fought back.

In this It Happened Here episode, Research Officer Dr Thomas Cheetham is our guide to Britain’s finest hour.

Special thanks go to Dr Ben Thompson for voicing our archival documents.

In memoriam to the Veterans featured in this episode, Rolf Noskwith, Eileen Younghusband and Sir Arthur Bonsall.

Image: Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspecting members of Coventry's Warden Service. ©Mirrorpix

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