Is Xbox in Trouble?

Episode 353
Sep 27, 05:51 AM

On Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 353, we discuss Xbox’s perceived issues, Insomniac Games, Xbox Series S, PS5 features, Resident Evil 3 Director’s Cut, Google Stadia, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Is Xbox in Trouble?
- What would force you to stop gaming?
- Is Insomniac's talent being "wasted" on superhero IPs?
- Would you buy more games if the base price was lower?
- Will 2022 be the new 1998/2017?
- Will Series S last this entire generation?
- What feature do you want to see on PS5 and Xbox Series X?
- What is your preferred time of day to play?
- Will Resident Evil 3 Director’s Cut get announced at TGS 2021?
- Will Code Veronica and RE0 get remade?
- Do Stadia and Luna have staying power?

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