Tuesday, September 28: More Toad's Place Stories; The Gabby Petito Suspect Is Still Missing; Using Horse Shampoo To Grow Your Hair

Sep 28, 04:41 PM

Brian Phelps from Toad's Place was on to share some of the history of this legendary New Haven concert venue. Chaz and AJ invited him on to talk about the book, how the venue was nearly stolen by Yale, and how legendary acts like Billy Joel, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan all played there. (0:00)

A rancher in Florida is certain the missing suspect in the Gabby Petito case is not hiding in the swamps. While playing that audio, AJ revealed that he nearly moved to Florida, and had a run in with a Brahma bull. (17:32)

Dumb Ass News - Who would use horse shampoo to try and grow their own hair? Ashley explains. (31:48)