Face Blindness (Do You Have It?) & Weird News Rundown

Season 4, Episode 355,  Sep 30, 06:22 AM

Do you have a REALLY hard time remembering faces? Have you ever introduced yourself to someone you’ve already met? If so, you may be the one in roughly 50 people (like Bethany and Brad Pitt!) who have Prosopagnosia, or “Face Blindness.” It’s super common but can cause some awkward moments… Then, Kathleen’s bringing back a fan favorite, “Weird News Rundown!” How in the world did a cat save a woman who fell down a ravine? And would you say “yes” to a proposal over a rat-infested river?


“One Cut of the Dead” on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs: https://streamlounge.io/watch/s38db13fdbc7a0c8e/the-last-drive-in-with-joe-bob-briggs/week-4-one-cut-of-the-dead/ 


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