The Final Corners

Oct 02, 2021, 08:00 PM

This week, Joanna, Dave and Neil go back over the entire run of Lost to pick out the best of the best (with listener input!) for THE FINAL CORNERS. Only one person/thing/pairing can win each category and either your hosts agree...or Neil is right by default. 

It's Joanna's final episode of THE STORM (Dave and Neil will be back to wrap things up next week), so we go all out covering:

Most Mysterious Moment (Jungle of Mystery)
Giacchino Corner
Boone Carlisle Memorial Falling Down Award
Accent Corner (Worst Accent)
I MARRIED HER Coincidence Corner
John Locke Memorial Coming Back Award
Best Desmond Button Moment
Abs Aterno
Henry Gale Memorial Obviously a Lie Award
A Woo Loo Loo Best Time Travel Moment
Jungle of Kisstery
Best Book Appearance on Lost
Charlie Pace Memorial Final Words
Falcon Punch Coming Right Now Act Break Award
Dumb Elaborate Artifact of the Show
Jeers Award - Best Burn on Jack Shepard
Most 2004 Thing
Best Podcast Running Joke

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