Animation that helped us through lockdown - Dreaming Machine 02

Oct 04, 2021, 09:00 PM

So this is an interesting episode we recorded at the tail end of the last UK ‘lockdown’. We first discussed animation we had re-connected with to help us through the situation, and then new shows and films we had gotten into. 

At the time of writing lockdown is no longer the status quo in the UK, but it is still the norm elsewhere in the world and the episode provides a still-resonant analysis of ‘comfort viewing’. 

Plus there are of course a great range of animation tips for you to check out! Or let us know your thoughts if you are already in the know…

Timestamps (after any adverts):

·       1:30 – Aria the Animation
·       7:45 – She Ra and the Princesses of Power
·       13:05 – Neon Genesis Evangelion (and other ‘apocalypse’ shows)  

·       18:40 – Totally Spies / Carmen Sandiego / Kim Possible 
·       23:35 – Harley Quinn
·       33:58 – Disney films (Bambi / Basil the Great Mouse Detective / Black Cauldron / Hercules / Zootopia / Treasure Planet)