QBC Conversations 2: Sam Odiorne (The 8th Warning)

Season 2, Episode 25,  Oct 05, 2021, 02:37 PM

Conversation with Sam Odiorne.

In the second episode of QBC Conversations, an offshoot of The Quarantine Book Club, author and writer Rance Denton interviews Sam Odiorne about his newly-released THE 8TH WARNING.

As Hyatt and his two companions adventure into the Reclaimed to discover the truth of a frightening, world-ending danger, he's forced to come to terms with his own place in an overgrown dystopian world in THE 8TH WARNING.

(Keep in mind, the last 15 minutes did suffer some audio volume fluctuation issues. Look, we're in a digital world, but it doesn't mean technology's perfect. Listen to it anyway, buds.)


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