Tuesday, October 5: Tales From A Connecticut Bounty Hunter; Embarrassing Tribe Injuries; Yankees Vs. Red Sox Wild Card Game Tonight

Oct 05, 2021, 02:54 PM

Latisha the Bounty Hunter was on the phone with Chaz and AJ to talk about the process for finding someone who is wanted by the law. She admitted it's not as crazy a job as is portrayed on television, but has had to kick in some doors, and once lost out on at $50,000 pay day. (0:00)

Connoisseur Media CEO Jeff Warshaw called in to talk about the food he and Chaz will be enjoying, like spicy larb. (18:38)

The Tribe called in their stories about embarrassing injuries, including some testicle injuries and someone who fell down the stairs in flip flops. (24:07)

Yankees and Red Sox playing tonight in a one game playoff at Fenway, who has a better chance to win? (37:50)

Image Credit: Yusuke Ide / iStock / Getty Images Plus