Ep 2 Stories of Recovery: WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

Episode 2,   Oct 06, 2021, 12:21 PM

Stories of Recovery Podcast Series is a collaboration between Mental Health Ireland and HSE Cavan Monaghan Mental Health Service as part of the Connecting for Life Cavan Monaghan Strategy to reduce suicide in our communities.

The podcast series will hear from local people who have lived through adversities that challenged their mental health and wellbeing and how they now flourish and continue to stay well. 

In conversation in Episode Two with Miffy Hoad, Development Officer with Mental Health Ireland are Dermot Foley and Helen McCrarren. 

Dermot is a Sports Physiotherapist, working with several football teams as well as having a private Physiotherapy practice. Dermot talks about his recovery from long term anxiety and depression and how WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Plan, has been a staple for him in getting well and staying well. Helen is a Social Worker with HSE Cavan Monaghan Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service and is also a WRAP (wellness recovery action planning) facilitator.