Institution Building: Juan Perez-Amaya and Félix Beytout in conversation with Matylda Krzykowski

Oct 07, 2021, 09:14 AM

Juan Perez-Amaya and Félix Beytout, founders of REA and EL ATELIER, speak and read texts in French and English about Jacques Hondelatte, the late architect who created mythogenic architecture. ‘Jacques was smart in building the house with words without showing images. Today, when contemporary architects try to sell ideas they look better in the fictional sense than they are build’. After two exhibitions at Betts Project in London, and one in arc en rêve, France, Perez-Amaya and Beytout developed an installation around reflections of non material aspects of architecture for chapter 6 Emancipation of Institution Building. ‘An institution is a fiction of what we believe is right or wrong.’ they say.