Institution Building: Sharona Franklin in conversation with Matylda Krzykowski

Oct 08, 2021, 07:20 AM

Sharona Franklin is an artist and advocate for empathy and care working with mixed media sculptures. “Axioms of Care” is the title of her current solo. In the conversation Sharona says: ‘Institution Building should deconstruct able normativity and not just the normativity of the body or the mind or the experience. But also the bureaucratic structures that have allowed disability exclusion, able-centric ideologies and ableist capitalism to perpetuate and continue on for so long. Education and change is needed to not include but to more importantly centre people who are racially marginalised, people who are low income, and people with disabilities. A lot of it comes down just to people having empathy and taking the time to learn about the uniqueness of each person's access needs.’