Mark Webber on Turkey’s Winners and Spinners

Oct 12, 2021, 04:00 AM

Mark Webber joins TC and Natalie for a deep dive into the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix. Webber won nine times with Red Bull during his career, but he thinks his old team will have to pull out all the stops if Max Verstappen is to beat Lewis Hamilton to this year’s World Championship. Webber’s here for the big questions from the race: why did Hamilton stay out so long on his worn tyres, have Ferrari hit back against McLaren, what was Mark’s former teammate Sebastian Vettel thinking when he gambled on slicks, and how does the Fernando Alonso of 2021 compare to the driver Webber went wheel-to-wheel with? Plus Mark puts his ‘driver representative’ hat on to reveal how he’s trying to help Formula 2 championship leader Oscar Piastri make the jump to F1.

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