Episode 4: Diversity and Inclusion in thought with Eric Mark

Episode 4,  Oct 15, 02:00 PM

Come join Lori Moilov and Eric Mark as they deep dive into diversity of thought and inclusion.  Creativity is LIMITLESS!

Eric Mark is an actor, writer, voice-over artist, and stand-up comedian who was born and grew up in Toronto. Eric majored in Computer Science and minored in Drama as an undergraduate, and intended to pursue a career in acting but was put off by the stereotypical roles (e.g., martial artist, smart guy, geeky guy) that Oriental actors were almost exclusively playing at the time.

Still passionate about entertainment, Eric spent three years in France before earning an MBA and an MA in International Studies, and relocating to Los Angeles to focus on entertainment-strategy consulting, working with all the major studios and music companies, as well as video-game publishers, live-entertainment troupes, digital-distribution entities, broadcast and cable networks, and other related organizations.

Then, recognizing that if he wanted to see substantive change in the types of roles actors of Asian descent were playing, he should be working to bring about that change himself, Eric left full-time consulting to immerse himself in creative pursuits, which he has been doing ever since.

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