Welcome to Critical Reads the Podcast

Oct 15, 12:00 PM

Welcome to the Critical Reads Podcast with Neph Lesperance! Critical Reads is a podcast designed to help you deconstruct cultural norms one resource at a time. Each week, I invite you to reflect on books, articles, and other resources that not only interest her but can also be used to help people critically analyze different aspects of society. Tune in as Neph grapples with topics and themes that drive most people to the place of insanity. 

To learn more or get updates about my content, please feel free to visit my website soulsessionswithneph.com. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram, @soulsessionswithneph!

Special shout out to Alison Knowlton Mason owner of Lilacs on York Creative Studios for designing our super dope podcast cover! I am really looking forward to diving into these resources with you soon.