David Howard Thornton aka Art The Clown from Terrifier

Episode 180,  Oct 16, 01:09 PM

David Howard Thornton, Art The Clown, Terrifier, Terrifier 2, Vegans Uncensored, horror movie, clown, horror, bloody, scary, Halloween

David Howard Thornton the man who plays Art The Clown in Terrifier and the upcoming sequel Terrifier 2 joined Hannah Bakk and Mary Zaint of the Vegans Uncensored Podcast for a creepy good time just in time for Halloween

Everyone gave an opinion as to why clowns are scary (or not), Terrifier super fans Hannah and Mary talked about when they saw the movie the first time and what they thought of it, David talked about the challenges of playing a silent character (save for one silent but deadly outtake) how touring as the understudy on touring company of The Grinch helped him perfect his physical skills, how he encountered a bathroom situation as depicted in the movie and had a similar reaction, how medically accurate "that scene" was, how close he was to being the new Jim Carrey, playing the Joker in a Batman fan film and being on the set of Gotham, how much fun it is scaring people at horror conventions, and have some tidbits of the upcoming Terrifier 2, which he describes as Aliens to the first Terrifer's Alien...

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