Sans objectivity

Oct 17, 04:32 PM

Villa del Conte campana della sera reimagined by Rafoo.

"When I first heard and picked the field recording, I remembered it being warm and idyllic. However, the day I finally got to working on it, I couldn't feel anything but discomfort/uneasiness. The resonance from the bells which builds up in the later part of the recording sounded like something straight out of an avant garde horror flick. 

"As hard as I tried to remove that feeling from the recording (by actually editing out that part), it persisted and spilled into every simpler instrument I was creating, the editing, everything. It didn't matter what the field recording was, I was feeling a certain way and projecting that everywhere. The reimagined sound is a piece of my current mind and self; ugly, angry, chaotic, untethered. I almost hate it as much as I hate myself."