Podcast special: Can fast food ever be green?

Oct 17, 2021, 12:24 PM

Can the company that feeds the world beef burgers lead hospitality in reaching net zero? That’s what McDonald’s hopes to do as they lay out their Plan for Change 2021. With 1400 restaurants, over 23,000 British and Irish farmers and four million customers visiting them every day, will it be enough? Or is it just a drop in the ocean? McDonald’s strategy will result in a number of sustainability-oriented improvements in four key areas: Planet, People, Restaurants, and Food. We’ll be taking a look at each one of these, in addition to discussing the challenges the fast-food giant will face. Kate Andrews is joined by a panel of three guests to discuss this and more: 

Duncan Baker, Conservative MP for North Norfolk.

Giles Gibbons, founder and CEO, Good Business.

Beth Hart, Vice President Supply Chain and Brand Trust at McDonald’s.

This podcast is sponsored by McDonald’s.