68. Tim Williams & Nate Max

Episode 68,   Oct 19, 2021, 02:33 PM

The digital revolution has allowed governments and globalists to track and control people's every move like never before. As a result of this more people are choosing to live off the grid and live autonomously and naturally. My guest on this week WilmsFront is Neil Pascoe of the Nate Max Human Alliance is a promoter of these new ways of living.

Neil is based on the NSW North Coast which has become a growing community hub for those with alternative lifestyles. He is the Director of Innate Awareness which specializes in Sovereign Health and Matrix Deprogramming. The Nate Max Human Alliance is Neil's activist project and has spoken at many of the anti-lockdown freedom days in NSW and Queensland over the past year.

The North Coast hasn't been immune from restrictions due to the Greater Sydney lockdown as political and policing decisions for people who live 9 hours away are still made in Sydney. Neil admits that deprogramming the masses the globalist lifestyle is becoming harder since it begins at birth, people have to be willing to change and seek out alternative lifestyles.

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