Hillbilly Deadtime Stories Ep 48 Miss Molly's Bed & Breakfast

Oct 20, 09:53 AM

The cattle industry was the staple of the economy in many southwest towns in the 1800s Fort Worth, Texas was one of these towns When the railroad came through at the turn of the century, it changed everything Life was now much easier for the cowboys, for they no longer had to drive herds of cattle to the marketplace Fort Worth started to grow Eventually ending up with 37 saloons, 17 Blacksmiths, 24 wagon yards, 7 barbers and 6 hide shops. There was plenty of lodging as well. One of these hotels was built a block west of the old Fort Worth Stockyards in 1910 111 years later, Miss Molly’s Bed & Breakfast is the subject of this episode…

Introduction voice over by Leebo Jakes from Lexington Paranormal Research Society 
Narrated by Jerry Paulley 
Written by Jerry Paulley 
Closing song: Kid Riot