The Source: Fiona Palmer Part 2 of 2

Episode 17
Oct 21, 02:35 PM

This episode of the Sage of Three Paths, the three brothers Okello, Oz and Mo see the grand finale of the conversation with Fiona. 

Gems are neatly placed throughout the episode, so it may be advisable to hold your note pad ready as Fiona donates some of her wisdom and insights to the Sages.

The group, amongst other things, question the source of the issue. Why isn’t more compassion in the world? Why can a barefoot homeless man riding a bike without any treads go ignored? Why aren’t more people asking why?

Listen through right to the Something from The World section at the end of the episode to hear a short story celebrating an historic African figure and their impact on the world.

Let's dive right in.

Produced & Edited by: @JuniorLamsound & @WizardKingOz

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