Episode 327: Week 7 NFL Betting with Jay Kornegay

Episode 327,  Oct 20, 07:27 PM

Host Rob Cressy is joined by SuperBook's Jay Kornegay to talk about how sportsbooks are managing the NFL season heading into Week 7.

Jay and Rob discuss:
- NFL Week 6 and how sportsbooks have fared during the last three weeks.
- How sportsbooks adjust to major public wins.
- Managing huge double-digit lines in Cardinals/Texans and Rams/Lions games.
- Rob's "Pick-A-Loser" pick of the week.
- Potential let-down spots in Week 7, including the Patriots and Raiders.
- Why Rob is backing the Eagles in his patented "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable" bet of the week.
- Impact of teasers and moneyline parlays on sportsbooks.
- The risk and reliability of Rob's "Moneyline Parlay of the Week".
- How sportsbooks view and rank the Kansas City Chiefs.

You can find Jay on Twitter @JayKornegay. Connect with Rob @robcressy on Twitter and send in your feedback, best bets and bad beats.

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