New Version of Fully Accessible Smart Device Real Sam Pocket Launches This November

Episode 986,  Oct 22, 09:00 AM

A new version of the fantastic smart device for blind and partially sighted people, Real Sam Pocket, which neatly fits into your pocket and is completely controlled by your voice will be launching this November.

RNIB Connect Radio’s Toby Davey caught up with Louise Humphrys from Real Sam Pocket to find out more about the new version of Real Sam Pocket. 

Louise began by telling Toby that the new version of Real Sam Pocket will be based on the new high tech version of the Samsung X Cover 5S phone, a faster phone with better battery life and a camera that will provide sharper pictures through the magnifier app in Real Sam Pocket.

Louise also shared with Toby some of the great feedback they receive  from blind and partially sighted users and testers of Real Sam Pocket, as well as hinting on some new features that are coming to the device in the next few months including Spotify, a new feature for finding your Real Sam Pocket if you have lost the device around the home, and an object recognition feature too.

The new versions of Real Sam Pocket that will be launching in November include a contract free version for a one off payment so that customers can insert any mobile phone SIM card of their choice into Real Sam Pocket, as well as the popular monthly O2 subscription of Real Sam Pocket starting at £26.99 per month including unlimited calls and text with 3GB of data per month.

For more details about the new and existing versions of Real Sam Pocket do visit the following website -

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