Service Course | One hour, three minutes and 59 seconds in the life of...

Season 9, Episode 191,  Oct 22, 04:25 PM

In this episode of Service Course, Lizzy and Tom speak to two holders of prestigious cycling world records. First up is Ashton Lambie, who at the time of recording is the current holder of the individual pursuit world record, and the first person to go under four minutes in that event. Ashton talks about living in an RV, not wanting to ride for a road team, bench pressing over 300lbs, coffee, bikes, and what to watch on Netflix.

Next is Joss Lowden, the new hour record holder. Lizzy caught up with her at the British National Championships, she tells us that she actually broke that record riding one of Ashton’s old frames.

Finally Tom chats to Anna Lawson, an ironman athlete, about the weird world of bikes used in those competitions, but more importantly her ride to COP26 in Glasgow and the ways that cycling can have a positive impact on climate change.

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