Sustainable Energy - with Bim Afolami MP

Episode 10,   Oct 22, 2021, 09:30 PM

In the advent of COP26 in Glasgow, PRASEG Chair Bim Afolami MP shares his insights on the UK's journey to Net Zero Carbon.

Gareth speaks with Bim Afolami, Conservative member of Parliament for the UK constituency of Hitchin and Harpenden and current Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Renewable And Sustainable Energy Group.  Recorded in the Autumn of 2021, with all eyes on the UN Climate Change Conference following the IPCC's publishing of its sixth climate-change assessment report.

Bim shares his thoughts on a range of solutions, and speaks candidly about what he considers necessary in order to achieve the UK's target of Net Zero Carbon status by 2050.

You can learn more about Bim Afolami MP at his website, or contact him via the UK Parliament.

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