#SmallBusinessAmerica: Future Teamsters High School. @GeneMarks @Guardian @PhillyInquirer

Oct 23, 12:46 AM

Photo:  Cornelius Shea, first General President of the Teamsters, circa 1905.

#SmallBusinessAmerica: Future Teamsters High School. @GeneMarks  @Guardian @PhillyInquirer

Ship report 10/20: 169 total ships inport LA/LB including 109 at anchor or holding areas & 60 at berths. Of the 169, 108 are container ships including 79 at anchor or in holding areas & 29 at berth. 55 vessels in holding areas; 44 container ships, 3 tankers, 8 bulk.

#SmallBusinessAmerica:  The Average Truck Driver Is 54. Enter the Teens.  @GeneMarks  @Guardian @PhillyInquirer