Metroid Dread Review and Spoilercast | Save Data Cast Ep 19

Season 2, Episode 19
Oct 23, 09:00 PM

This week on the Save Data Cast, David, Zak, and Elise talk Metroid Dread! We all finally finished the game and needed to talk mechanics, traversal, powers, and story. With each of us starting the series at different points, one of us is bound to have an experience close to yours. We also talk about over half a dozen other games that we've been playing, including Tales of Arise, Life is Strange: True Colors, Destiny 2, and A Plague Tale! Let us know what you thought about Metroid Dread in the comments, on twitter, or on our discord!

Times Codes:
Start - 00:00
Fantasy Critic Update - 02:00
What have we been playin'?
Zak - 06:18
Elise - 19:56
David - 26:49
Metroid Dread Reviews (Spoiler-free) - 41:48
Light Ability Spoilers - 1:05:01
Actual Spoilers Time - 1:11:50

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