Monday, October 25: Reporter Attacked By Laughing Turkeys; Ghost Hunter Ray Sawyer In Studio; Ashley Takes A Wonder Woman Quiz

Oct 25, 2021, 04:38 PM

Kim from Hamden called in to clear up some misinformation about gun safety on movie and TV sets. Chaz and AJ were discussing the horrible incident from an Alec Baldwin movie, Kim is experienced in weapon protocol on sets through her job in NYC, and called in to explain how it's supposed to work. (0:00)

Last week, Chaz and AJ mentioned Dr. Dre had been served court papers while attending his grandmother's funeral. Liz called in later to share a crazy story about the time she had to serve papers to a war criminal, while he was visiting NYC in the early '90's. (9:09)

Dumb Ass News - A reporter was attacked by turkeys, and then they laughed at her. (13:40)

Ray the ghost hunter was in studio with Chaz and AJ to share some audio of past investigations he's done, and had a crazy story about getting stabbed in the back at his previous job. (16:33)

Mark Halliday was on to share the importance of donating for veterans, and how you can help the Veteran's Coffee House of Wallingford. (41:11)

Ashley said she has been studying all of Wonder Woman for her Halloween outfit, and so Chaz and AJ decided to quiz her on some basics to see what she's learned. (46:13)

Image Credit: Lois_McCleary / iStock / Getty Images Plus