Max’s Title To Lose? US Grand Prix Review

Oct 26, 04:00 AM

After F1’s pulsating return to the USA, Max Verstappen has a 12 point lead in the title race. Damon Hill says Verstappen now has ‘two fingers on the trophy’, but as the 1996 champ knows, it’s not over until it’s over! Damon, Natalie Pinkham and Tom Clarkson give their take on a tense tussle in Texas and answer F1’s burning questions: why did Mercedes' apparent Friday pace not win them the race on Sunday, what was the key to Red Bull’s aggressive race-winning strategy, and how thirsty would Sergio Perez have been after a Grand Prix with no drink system? Plus reaction to the amazing Austin atmosphere, Ferrari’s tight fight with McLaren, Alonso’s dice with Kimi, the finale of W Series and the amazing sight of NBA star Shaquille O’Neal towering above the F1 podium.

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