Ep. 155: “It’s Not Your Dick“ Ft Success Jr

Oct 26, 2021, 04:01 AM

On this weeks episode the guys are joined by a legend, an entrepreneur and a brother Success aka Junior! The guys chopped it up about Kyrie deciding to sit out because of the vaccine and have an in depth convo about the government and it’s role in the mandated vaccine, John Gruden, Dave Chapelle’s special, R. Kelly threatens to give up names of those who behaved the same way he did, Students at Howard protest the dorms, Super Bowl halftime lineup, Dez Bryant comments on Colin Kapernick, Mal & Rory’s new deal, Bow Wow gets upset at scream tour. If you are taking shit and somebody break into your house what do you do? Can her baby daddy come into your house and go up the stairs?, How does marriage benefit men?
Sign, Feature, Kill
Ask A Real Nigga
DM Diary
Song Of The Week: Stupid/Asking x Young Thug