The Future of Protein with Josh Tetrick, Founder and CEO, Eat Just

Episode 180,  Oct 28, 11:59 AM

Eat Just made history earlier this year, following a regulatory approval decision in Singapore for lab grown meat to be sold in a restaurant. System change needs to start somewhere, and this approval offers the potential to be the catalyst for changing the future of meat production and consumption and for cutting down on greenhouse gases, thus being more environmentally friendly.

The 1880 restaurant in Singapore is the first restaurant in the world to have lab grown meat on their menu. The restaurant sells a trio of taster dishes using Eat Just cultured chicken: bao bun with crispy sesame cultured chicken and spring onion; filo puff pastry with cultured chicken and black bean puree; and a crispy maple waffle with cultured chicken with spices and hot sauce.

In this episode, Stefan Gates is joined by visionary Josh Tetrick, Founder and CEO of Eat Just as they discuss what impact this approval process will have on the future of meat without animal slaughter,  the challenges of moving at scale, and why environment and health conscious Gen Z are key to taking cellular meat to the mainstream.